Men's Health and Urology in Austrian Private Hospitals

As a result, men are more likely to suffer from lifestyle-related illnesses (e.g. cardiovascular diseases and certain forms of cancer) or the consequences of accidents and injuries.

The Confraternität Private Hospital places a medical focus on men's health. It offers a wide range of examinations and treatments especially for men - from special check-ups in the sense of prevention.

Our specialists of urology and andrology focus on diseases of the prostate, kidneys, bladder, ureter, and urethra. Andrology relates to the treatment of diseases of the male sex organs and sexual disorders. These are sensitive topics that require not only a lot of experience and expertise, but also a lot of tact and sensitivity.

Our doctors take time to discuss all details of any intervention with you and tailor the treatment plan to your personal needs. Modern diagnostics and innovative forms of treatment are equally important for successful recovery.

Frequently offered services in the field of urology and andrology include:

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