Modern Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer Using Prostate Fusion Biopsy

Priv. Doz. Dr. Mesut Remzi

Medical fields:
Urology and Andrology, Specialisation: Uro-oncology

Doz. Remzi, you use the innovative fusion biopsy at the Döbling private clinic. What is this method?

Fusion biopsy is a new technique that combines MRI and ultrasound to provide an accurate and reliable diagnosis of prostate cancer.

What are the problems with the standard biopsy?

It happens again and again that despite abnormal PSA values ​​and tactile findings that suggest a tumor is suspected, biopsies give a negative result. Ultrasound examinations of the intestine do not always give a clear picture. Therefore, repeat biopsies often have to be performed, which are stressful for the patient and delay the diagnosis. On the one hand, critical cases are overlooked and, on the other hand, clinically irrelevant cases can be overdiagnosed.

What are the advantages of fusion biopsy?

Fusion biopsy enables an exact and reliable diagnosis of prostate cancer. During this examination, an MRT image is merged with the images from an ultrasound examination. The suspicious areas are drawn in and can be biopsied in a targeted manner.

How does the investigation work?

First, an MRI is done, in which areas suspected of being tumors are drawn in using special software. The images are read into a biopsy device and merged with the live ultrasound image during the biopsy. The suspicious areas are displayed in the three-dimensional image in such a way that the urologist can take the tissue samples with millimeter precision with the biopsy needle.

If a tumor of the prostate is diagnosed, how is it treated?

In any case, individual therapy is required. In some cases, the tumor just needs to be observed; in others, surgery or chemotherapy is required. The therapy plan is carefully drawn up taking into account all medical and personal circumstances.

At Döbling private hospital, we have an ideal infrastructure available for treatment.

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