Metabolic Surgery for the Treatment of Obesity and Diabetes

Prof. Dr. Gerhard Prager

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A body mass index (BMI) of 30 is considered a sign of obesity. Not only does this affect well-being, it is also a major risk factor for human health. People from this risk group often face problems such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes. The number of overweight people is increasing rapidly, especially among residents of megacities. Already 2.1 billion people are overweight and 671 million are considered obese (with obvious signs of obesity).

Surgery is the last and most effective measure

Often those affected have struggled with obesity through diets and fitness programs all their lives, but unfortunately all these efforts have been unsuccessful

The surgical procedure of gastric bypass surgery helps reduce food intake and leads to rapid weight loss. "However, this method is not a lifelong free ticket," warns the surgeon Professor Dr. Gerhard Prager, Head of the Obesity Department of the Surgical Department of the University Hospital Vienna, “A supplement with vitamins in the form of food supplements is important. Regular exercise is mandatory, especially weight training, to burn fat, not muscle."

For Gerhard Prager, surgery is the best way to treat obesity. “Our studies show that gastric bypass surgery is a long-term and effective method of combating obesity. Ten years after the operation, most patients are significantly lighter than they were before the operation. "

Surgery not only corrects weight, it also treats type 2 diabetes mellitus. Body weight returns to normal after gastric bypass surgery and, in some cases, diabetes mellitus2 disappears.

Women are less afraid of the operation

Although obese men are far more numerous than women, 80 percent of patients who undergo surgery are women. Dr. Prager explains: “Women have more complex problems with a fat body than men. You want a change much earlier. The men who end up at the operating table have an advanced form of obesity."

„Goldenes Kreuz“ Privatklinik offers the ideal infrastructure for metabolic surgery, professional care and a comfortable ambience for recovery.

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