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Dr. Harald Kubiena

Medical Fields:

Plastic surgery, facial surgery

Dr. Kubiena, which aspects of aesthetic facial surgery do you focus on?

The interaction of “form” and “function” finds a very special relationship in the face: what “works well” is also expressed in “good looks” - and vice versa. Medically speaking, an aesthetically indicated procedure requires a comprehensive understanding of the respective functional, facial expressions of the respective facial area. This is particularly evident in the central sections of the face around the eyelids, brows and around the lips and mouth region. Regardless of whether it is a small skin tumor, a scar or age-related changes in the specific “facial landscape” of a patient - a “natural result” is always based on the consideration of individual facial expressions as well as the restoration of harmonious proportions and balanced facial contours.

And of course, with the greatest possible "invisibility" of the traces of a treatment itself. In order to meet these expectations, operational concepts are nowadays combined with techniques from regenerative medicine (autologous fat treatments, PRP) as well as from the field of minimally invasive aesthetic medicine (microneedling, laser, neuromodulators). The basis for any medical procedure - especially for treatments and interventions in such a delicate region as the face – is formed by comprehensive consultations and detailed analysis and joint discussion of the concerns and expectations of the patient. This is the only way to reach the greatest possible effect without obvious traces of a treatment.

What operations do you perform?

Operations and treatments on the face require special skills in dealing with a wide variety of tissues in the unique anatomical architecture as well as knowledge of aging processes or special diseases or functional disorders of the face, but also experience with psychological features of the face.

Whether tumors, scars, defects, asymmetries, paralysis or signs of the aging process such as loss of volume, atrophy, slackening and loss of contour - in my daily practice patients find advice, support and treatment according to what was said above. The techniques used correspond to state-of-the-art concepts and are also subject to constant professional development: From botox to hyaluronic acid fillers, depending on the requirements, minimally invasive techniques to micro and nanofat treatments, a wide variety of lifting techniques as a special focus, operative and combined treatments of the periorbital region (eyelids / brows / midface) applied.

Are there any cases in which you advise against surgery?

Apart from medically indicated interventions, which are based on a necessity (tumor, etc.), the aim of any aesthetically indicated treatment is that in the end patients are to a certain extent "look more like themselvees" and feel more comfortable with themselves than before. Wherever this treatment goal cannot be achieved as such, I advise not to do an intervention.

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