Second Opinion on Cancer

The private hospitals "Döbling", "Confraternität" and "Goldenes Kreuz" offer patients the opportunity to have a thorough check of the diagnosis and a therapy recommendation based on the latest medical findings. Knowledge in oncology doubles every two years - a single doctor is no longer able to develop the optimal therapy. It is therefore essential that a second opinion is drawn up by an interdisciplinary team of proven specialists. It is not necessary to repeat all diagnostic procedures.You can bring your medical reports with you in the German or English language.You can also obtain a second opinion without coming to the hospital by sending the findings in electronic form via secure data line.

Required medical reports:

The following documents are usually required for a second opinion:

  • Your medical history, information about when the disease started and how
  • Doctor's letters or discharge letters for the hospital
  • Information on received and current therapies / medications
  • Histopathological findings (analysis of a tissue sample)
  • CT images and / or MRI images including written reports on these images
  • Current laboratory results if possible

Histopathological second diagnosis

We also take tissue samples for secondary histopathological evaluation. You can send these tissue samples on slides or as paraffin blocks by express mail. The samples will be analyzed by our special laboratory in order to obtain precise information about the structure and cell properties of the tumor tissue.

It is not only the exact diagnosis that is crucial, but also the exact classification of the tumor. The new therapeutic options relate to the special properties of the tumor and allow targeted, individualized treatment.

A recognized team of experts, whereby close cooperation between the individual disciplines - oncologists, radiologists, surgeons, radiotherapists is crucial, will assess all medical reports and therapy recommendations. These are renowned specialists with an international reputation.

Modern cancer treatment in Austria

Austria is one of the countries with the best chances of successful cancer treatment. Pioneering cancer research projects is currently being realized at the Vienna University of Medicine.

In the private hospitals "Döbling", "Confraternität" and "Goldenes Kreuz", patients are offered an ideal infrastructure for diagnosis and treatment with new drug methods and modern surgical methods.

The goal of the treatment is no longer just the radical removal of the tumor, but a targeted therapy with as few side effects as possible, less invasive surgical interventions and the greatest possible preservation of organs and their function. From a diagnosis check, elaboration of a therapy plan, to comprehensive treatment  in our hospitals - our teams of experts offer each patient an individualized solution based on the latest research, and will be pleased to accompany you through therapy and aftercare.

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