How you Can Positively Influence your Cholesterol Levels

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Johannes Drach, specialist in internal medicine and Medical Director of the Confraternität Private Hospital, reveals how you can positively influence your cholesterol level and in which cases medical treatment is required:

  • Precise knowledge of the cholesterol levels in the blood is important: LDL (low density lipoprotein) is a risk factor, HDL (high density lipoprotein) has a protective effect on the vascular system.
  • Switch to a "Mediterranean diet": lots of fruit and vegetables, use of oils with unsaturated fatty acids (olive oil, rapeseed oil, linseed oil), whole grain products, nuts, legumes, fish, poultry.
  • Plan regular physical activity into your everyday life: 150 minutes per week endurance training (jogging, Nordic walking, cycling, swimming) and strength training twice per week.
  • If your LDL and/or triglyceride levels are too high despite a healthy lifestyle, drug therapy may be required

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