Hallux Valgus Treatment Using the V-tek-Method

Dr. Michael Vitek

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Orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery, foot surgery

Dr. Vitek, hallux valgus is a common foot deformity, who is particularly affected?

Hallux valgus is a very widespread disease which mainly affects women. The ratio is 10:1 women to men.

How does hallux valgus manifest?

The big toe deviates outwards. The metatarsal head manifests as a ganglion and feels uncomfortable in the shoe. Arthrosis, i.e. joint wear may also occur in a later stage. Then every step is painful. Patients should not wait that long, because then the operation will become more difficult and the result will eventually be an incomplete healing.

There are hallux valgus splints, physiotherapy exercises. How effective are these and when is surgery indicated?

The non-surgical treatment helps - if at all - only in children or in the early stages. All other patients should be operated on in a timely manner.

You use the V-tek method, a minimally invasive method that you developed yourself. What distinguishes this method and what is the advantage over other methods?

Compared to other methods, we have developed a separate implant for each hallux form. The operation is therefore adapted to the respective form. Any desired correction is possible with the V-tek system, which cannot be achieved with any other method.

In contrast to all other methods we can correct all 4 degrees of misalignment, i.e. in particular the rotation of the articular surface, which is extremely important in preventing the recurrence of hallux valgus. Small titanium plates are inserted into the bone where the forces act and therefore do not irritate the soft tissue.

By tightly screwing and locking the implant, we do not loose metatarsal length, as with many other methods which can lead to transfer pain on the other metatarsal heads. With our method, no wires protrude from the foot and the implants do not have to be removed. Therefore, only one operation is necessary. The patients can put full weight on the operated foot immediately and do not need crutches or relief shoes. The incisions are tiny and hardly leave any scars, as you can see on my homepage: Hallux valgus - Dr. Michael Vitek | 1120 Vienna

My method is very well accepted internationally by foot experts, and I teach it in workshops and at universities worldwide.

How long is the convalescence after this operation, when can you do sports again?

Walking is possible immediately, office work after 2 weeks. Sports without much leg strain after 3 weeks. Running, tennis etc. after 8-12 weeks. The same applies to wearing high heels.

What benefits can patients expect from treatment at the Döbling Private Hospital?

At the Döbling Private Hospital patients can rely on highly professional care - from admission to discharge – by a well-established team with experience from thousands of foot operations. Patients are cared for also after the operation until they have fully recovered.

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