What you can do for your feet

In many cases, conventional treatments bring relief, such as wearing insoles, gymnastics or simply more comfortable shoes. If this does not help, a foot specialist should be consulted about possible surgery to restore functionality and pain relief to the feet.

Here are some recommendations to keep your feet fit:

Walk barefoot more often

Walking barefoot is still the most natural way for our feet to move - whether indoors, in the garden or on the grass - it strengthens tendons, muscles and the arch of the foot.

Wear shoes that fit well

Shoes should offer both support and sufficient space, so they should be neither too tight nor too wide. Shoes with high heels or fashionably tight shoes should only be worn in exceptional situations.

Strengthen your feet with small exercises

Small exercises in between - such as picking up objects with your toes, spreading, pulling and bending your toes - strengthen your foot muscles. Stretching the calf muscles also strengthens your ankles.

Massage your feet, go for a pedicure

A foot massage is good for feet and soul. It mobilises and strengthens the flexibility of the foot. Professional medical foot care can alleviate complaints caused by pathological changes to nails or skin and prevent complications.

Clean and care for your feet carefully

After daily cleansing with soap and water and thorough drying, it is advisable to apply a rich, highly moisturising foot cream. This will keep your feet soft and supple.

Change shoes more often

Shoes should be aired out for 24 hours after wearing - not only to avoid unpleasant odors, but also to prevent athlete’s foot spores from settling between the toes.

Be good to your feet!

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