Center for Foot Surgery at Confraternität Private Hospital

The offer of this foot center is aimed at people with acute as well as chronic complaints. The center's range of medical services includes surgical and conservative treatment, sports orthopedics, rehabilitation and aftercare, as well as outpatient therapies in the adjacent Foot Center.

Be it the treatment of splayfoot, flat feet, hallux valgus or ankle joint arthrosis - the goal is to make affected patients pain-free and fit for everyday life again as quickly as possible.

The experienced orthopedists Univ.-Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Trnka, Dr. Peter Bock and Dr. Karl-Heinz Kristen are regarded as experts in the treatment of changes to the forefoot, rear foot and sports injuries. Many years of surgical experience in combination with the medical infrastructure and the high-tech equipment of the Confraternity enable treatment at the highest level.


The forefoot is heavily stressed in everyday life. Illnesses and injuries such as hallux valgus, hallux, rigidus, hammer toe, metatarsalgia and stress fractures burden patients and require specialized treatment. These diseases are also favored by other foot deformities, certain underlying diseases, but often also by incorrect footwear that does not offer enough space for the toes.

If conservative therapy does not provide the desired relief, surgery is indicated. To do this, there are various methods that are carefully selected depending on the degree of the disease, age and needs of the patient.

Rear foot

Today we have a wide range of conservative and surgical treatments available for changes in the rear foot - the ankle, heel, Achilles tendon and flat feet.

The ankle joint as the connection between the lower leg and the foot has to withstand the greatest stress of all joints. Possible causes of the degeneration of the upper ankle are related to age, previous ankle fractures, chronic polyarthritis and misalignments.

In the case of ankle arthrosis, for example, there is not only the option of stiffening but also the option of replacing the upper ankle with an artificial joint, which means that the ankle remains more flexible.

Sports injuries

The doctors at the foot center specialize in sports injuries in the foot area and will help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible after an injury. Sports injuries mainly affect the ankle, ligaments, heel and achilles tendon.

Ankle injuries are often caused by sports accidents, e.g. while skiing, soccer or tennis. The upper ankle in particular is susceptible to twisting and twisting injuries. Ambitious runners and other ambitious athletes often suffer injuries to the Achilles tendon. Mechnical stress can lead to inflammation of the Achilles tendon or the Achilles tendon.

The aim of therapy is to restore the function of the joint in such a way that patients can move without symptoms in everyday life and during sport and regain the level of physical performance they had before the illness or injury.

Optimal operating conditions

As the only private clinic in Vienna, the Confraternität is equipped with a mini C-arm X-ray for the orthopedic area, which is specially tailored to the needs of foot surgery.

The device delivers high-resolution X-ray images in real time so that the surgeon can precisely monitor the success of the treatment at any point and make any corrections immediately. The result is better treatment outcomes and faster patient recovery.

Each treatment is based on the stage of the disease, age and individual needs. Treatments and necessary operations in the Confraternität private clinic can be carried out at any time without long waiting times.

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