AMIS Method – Hip Replacement Surgery at Confraternität Private Hospital

Dr. Alexander Zembsch

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Orthopaedics and orthopaedic surgery

Dr. Zembsch, the AMIS method is considered a very safe minimally invasive method of hip replacement, what ist the main concept?

With this surgical technique, muscles, tendons and nerves are completely spared and no longer have to be partially cut and injured, as with conventional or other minimally invasive surgical methods. With special modern technical aids, such as an electro-mechanical support table for the leg, it is possible to perform an operation of the artificial hip joint absolutely safely and in a standardized manner. The incision is small, the wound area is minimal and healing and mobilization occur very quickly and safely.

What are the main advantages of this method?

Muscle tissue is maximally protected and a stabilization reached immediately after the operation. There is no scarring and healing pain for muscles, which are essential for standing and walking. The artificial hip joint is stable and fully resilient immediately after the operation and cannot easily jump out.

The smallest possible operating area implies the lowest possible risk of infections, less blood loss, and quick and safe wound healing. The operation takes about 45 to 60 minutes, depending on the circumstances, and is preferably performed under general anesthesia.

What happens after the operation?

Two to five days after the operation patients can be discharged from the hospital and transferred to the hotel or home. Wound care and physiotherapy with movement training and gait training shall take place in the hospital for a few more days every day.

When can patient get on their feet again?

Patients are allowed to get up on the first day after the hip operation. They can lie on their side and are not forced to lie solely on their backs after the operation. Personal hygiene in the bathroom and and eating at the table is possible on the 1st post-operative day. Older patients can move around independently and painlessly again more quickly and safely. Climbing stairs is possible shortly after the hip operation.

Younger patients can return to their active life more quickly and practice their sport. Sports, hiking, golf, cycling, etc. are possible as early as 3-4 weeks after the hip operation. Crutches are needed for approximately three weeks, patients can return to a natural gait pattern quickly. Driving is possible - about 3 to 4 weeks - after the hip operation. Rehabilitation can easily be carried out at home with a physiotherapist, personal trainer, fitness coach according to a specific rehabilitation and training program.

Since when have you applied this method?

We have applied the AMIS method since 2008 as an effective and successful surgical method for implanting total hip prosthesis and carry out such operations several times per week. We will to continue to practice this method as we strive for the best and safest method for our patients.

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