Strabismus Treatment in Austria – Minimally Invasive Surgery

Prof. Dr. Guido Dorner

Medical fields:

Ophthalmology and optometry

What causes strabismus?

Each eye is moved by 6 external eye muscles. If there is a clear imbalance in the muscle tension and / or if the brain's ability to fuse is insufficient to blend together the two pictures, a squint occurs (a deviation of the optical axes of both eyes). There are different forms of strabismus, the triggering causes can be very different.

At what age should a strabismus treatment take place?

A strabismus treatment is possible at any age. For newborns and children in particular, I advise you to have a professional examination and treatment as early as possible. In 50% of cases, squint can be treated with the right glasses. This requires a precise examination by means of cycloplegic refraction. This means that the pupil is briefly immobilized with eye drops in order to enable an accurate measurement of the required glasses strength.


In the remaining cases, an occlusion treatment (covering the weak eye patch), prismatic glasses or a strabismus operation is necessary. For children, correct treatment means full vision with both eyes, it promotes the development of spatial vision and guarantees lasting success.

What is done during the strabismus operation?

By shifting or folding the eye muscle tendons, a balance in the muscle tension is established. The tendon insertions are located directly under the conjunctiva of the eye and are accessible through a small conjunctival incision.

A squint operation takes an average of 30 to 45 minutes. The procedure takes place in a day clinic, but the patient can also spend one night in the hospital. Children must be accompanied by an adult. I recommend performing the operation under general anesthesia, but if you wish, the operation can also be carried out under local anesthesia.

What are the risks of the treatment and what should be considered after the operation?

Children should stay in the hospital for 4 hours post-operatively; after a check-up, they can continue their journey by plane within 2-3 days. No special treatment is necessary at home, only the eyes must be kept clean when showering and sports activities and visits to the sauna should be avoided in the first 1-2 weeks if possible.

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