Modern Cataract Surgery in the Private Hospitals “Döbling” and “Confraternität”, Vienna

In the private hospitals of the PremiQaMed Group “Döbling” and “Confraternität” in Vienna, surgical treatment of cataracts is carried out by renowned specialists with years of experience who have at their disposal a modern surgical infrastructure. First, a precise measurement of the eyes is carried out using state-of-the-art diagnostics to determine how far the lens clouding has progressed. Both diagnostic and surgical appointments can be organized without long waiting times.

Day clinic treatment

A cataract procedure is usually carried out on a day-case basis. The operation is performed under local anesthesia using drip anesthesia; an injection into the eye is not necessary. Under a special microscope, the cloudy lens is crushed through a mini-incision of 3 mm, sucked out and replaced with an artificial lens. The procedure takes 10 to 15 minutes per eye.

This method has been continually refined since its introduction about 25 years ago. Today, modern cataract surgery is one of the most precise and safest procedures in medicine. After an appropriate rest period, patients can leave the hospital a few hours after the operation - and with significantly improved vision.

What needs to be considered after the operation?

After the operation, the patient can carry out all his activities without restrictions, manipulations of the eye should be avoided. Anti-inflammatory eye drops are usually prescribed for 2-3 weeks. Immediately after surgery, vision is often a little blurry or out of focus, which improves within a few days.

How long do artificial lenses last?

The durability of the artificial lens is unlimited. After usually 2-3 years, a capsule clouding ("after-cataract") can occur, which slowly blurs vision again. The frequency of after-cataracts has been drastically reduced thanks to modern surgical techniques and artificial lenses. If it does occur, it can be treated with a short outpatient laser procedure.

Benefits for patients of the “Döbling” and “Confraternität” Private Hospitals:

  • Practically no waiting times
  • Flexible surgery dates
  • Large network of specialists
  • Free choice of medical doctors
  • Everything under one roof: from diagnostics to surgery and follow-up care

Renowned specialists with a high number of cataract surgeries at “Döbling” Private Hospital


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