Cervical cancer is one of the few cancers that's almost totally preventable!

Prim. Univ.-Prof. Dr. Christian Kainz

Medical fields:
Gynecology and obstetrics

Medical Director of Döbling Private Hospital and the Döbling Outpatient Clinic in Vienna

Cervical cancer is a special case of an oncological disease of female genital organs, because there is very good protection due to the HPV vaccination, and in combination with regular screening examinations (PAP smear) the disease can be prevented 100%.

Screenings allow to detect pre-cancerous lesions - these can easily be treated

If a preliminary stage of cervical cancer is found in the course of a preventive check-up, we usually wait for some time, because in 50% of the early stages these changes regress without any intervention. HPV vaccination is also recommended. If it does not regress, a small operation - a conization - will be carried out. Nowadays this procedure is performed very carefully so that it does not affect the fertility of the woman and the possibility of becoming pregnant. In most cases - 80 to 90% - this procedure eliminates the HPV infection.

Treatment of cervical cancer

In more than two thirds of the cases cervical cancer is detected at such an early stage that the chances of recovery are good. If a small invasive tumor has formed, the uterus, pelvic lymph nodes, and tissue surrounding the uterus must be removed. Today, this operation is much less stressful, so the quality of life of the women after the operation is good. At the Döbling Private Hospital we follow the approach of an individualized therapy - i.e. that in every case we operate as radically as absolutely necessary but with as little stress and side effects for the patient as possible.

In advanced stages, radiotherapy and drug therapies are applied, whereas the therapy plan is planned individually for each patient. At the Döbling Private Hospital all oncological cases are discussed in a multidisciplinary tumor board, i.e. a group of renowned specialists from various disciplines who meet on a regular basis in order to discuss all cancer cases.

Preventive care that really prevents cancer

At the Dysplasia Center of the Döbling Private Hospital targeted check-ups and prevention in the form of vaccinations are carried out. Dysplasia is the precancerous stage of cervical cancer. Nowadays cervical cancer can really be avoided. Thanks to prevention through vaccination and regular screenings, we have observed fewer and fewer cases of large, invasive tumors that require radical surgery in recent years. We see many women who either do not develop precancerous lesions at all, or women with early precancerous lesions who can be healed 100 %.

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