Defeat Cancer - with Prevention and the Latest Diagnostic and Treatment Technologies

Cancer prevention plays a crucial role. Regular examinations help reduce the risks of developing cancer and significantly increase the chance of detecting the disease at an early stage in order to avoid burdensome treatment methods for the patient, such as chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

In the private hospitals of the PremiQaMed group, patients are offered screening programs for the most common types of cancer. These diseases include cancer of the lungs, liver, stomach, colon and rectum, breast, esophagus, cervix, prostate, bladder, blood, skin.

The program always begins with a thorough medical history in order to identify each patient’s personal risk factors. On this basis, the program can be adapted according to the individual needs of the patient. All examinations are carried out by experienced specialists. As a rule, survey results are available in a short time.  If, as a result of examinations, diseases that require inpatient treatment or surgical intervention are revealed, this can be organized at the PremiQaMed hospitals almost without waiting time.

Second opinion and treatment plan

We offer you the opportunity to have your diagnosis and treatment plan checked by leading specialists. Every case is discussed by a group of experts of the relevant disciplines - usually an oncologist, pathologist, surgeon, radiotherapy specialist.

An accurate diagnosis, namely an accurate classification of the tumor, is extremely important. New therapeutic possibilities take into account special tumor properties, with the aim of making the treatment of the disease as targeted as possible.

Treatment at PremiQaMed private hospitals

PremiQaMed hospitals in Vienna offer excellent treatment options, which, on the one hand, is due to the modern infrastructure of the hospitals, and on the other hand, the high availability of new methods of treatment and preparations. Modern surgery methods allow to perform most operations in a minimally invasive way, of course, provided that the tumor is radically removed. Extensive and extremely traumatic interventions are increasingly becoming a thing of the past. They were replaced by sparing and organ-preserving operations.

Today, drug therapy is often combined with surgical methods to provide surgeons with better operability after reducing the size of the tumor. PremiQaMed hospitals in Vienna offer you services at different levels: patients can simply check the diagnosis and receive a treatment plan from leading specialists or undergo a full treatment course in the clinics. In the latter case, the attending doctor will manage the treatment process, coordinate the involvement of specialists from other disciplines and is constantly in touch with the patient as the main contact person. Close cooperation of leading experts, the rapid organization of diagnostic and treatment procedures and the use of the latest diagnostic technologies, surgery and therapy are decisive factors for the successful treatment of cancer.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on cancer patients

Due to the Covid-19 crisis many planned surgical operations were canceled. Among them are interventions related to cancer, which sometimes poses a high risk to health and even life.

Due to the weakening of quarantine measures in Austria and the stabilized situation with the spread of Covid-19 infection, PremiQaMed private hospitals in Vienna are ready to accept patients again for canceled operations. Our task is to ensure maximum safety for our patients and employees. In order to serve the patients at the highest level and with the usual high quality, we have taken numerous safety precautions observed in our hospitals.

To obtain a second opinion or preliminary consultation, it is not always necessary to come to the hospital; doctors also can be consulted remotely.

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