Medical focus areas

Patient Safety – One of our Major Concerns

Patient safety, hygiene, infection prevention and continuous quality improvement are central concerns in the clinics of the PremiQaMed Group.

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The Vagus Nerve - an Important Control Point for our Well-Being

The vagus nerve (Latin for “wandering nerve”) is not only responsible for supplying the head area as the other cranial nerves, but it supplies almost all organs of the body “parasympathetically”. It is the longest cranial nerve, the largest nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system and it influences relaxation, heart rate, breathing, digestion, building up energy reserves and regenerating the organism.

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Parkinson's Center at Confraternität Private Hospital

The Parkinson's Center at the Confraternität private clinic deals with the diagnosis and treatment of Parkinson's (extrapyramidal disorder) and related movement disorders.

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