How does Sugar Affect your Body? Get out of the sugar trap!

Sugar is not harmful per se and is an efficient source of energy. However, the “free” sugar that is added to food and drinks and also found in honey, fruit juices and fruit juice concentrates is problematic.

But the time of consumption is also decisive in determining whether sugar has a harmful effect on health. You should make it difficult for sugar to get into the blood quickly. Therefore, you should only snack after a meal. Sweets as a snack cause the blood sugar level to shoot up quickly. As a result, a lot of insulin is released, which in turn can lead to hypoglycaemia and even more hunger for sweets.

Sweetened drinks and lemonades are particularly insidious. According to the WHO, they are one of the main causes of overweight, obesity and type 2 diabetes.

Half a liter of cola, for example, contains an amount of sugar that corresponds to 14 sugar cubes.

Sweeteners are also not an adequate substitute for sugar because they are suspected of increasing the risk of tumors. It is best to get used to consuming less sweets in the long term, to dilute fruit juices, or to drink water. If you continuously reduce the amount of sugar, your sense of taste will be refined!

You don't have to do without sweets, but you should enjoy them consciously and not put them in your mouth to ward off hunger.


  • make yoghurt drinks yourself, yoghurt drinks from the supermarket are usually heavily sugared!
  • use muesli without added sugar. Caution: Crunchy mueslis and biscuits contain a lot of sugar!
  • reduce the amount of sugar in cake recipes – you will enjoy the taste of the other ingredients more
  • get rid of the candy drawer - this will keep you from being constantly tempted
  • nibble on nuts, fruit and raw vegetables instead of sweets
  • reduce the amount of sugar in the long term – you and your children will get used to it and your crabbing for sweets will decrease.


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