Early Detection of Breast Cancer With Modern 3D-Technology


“With tomosynthesis, we assess numerous layer images and not just two x-rays per breast as with conventional mammography. This improves the diagnostic accuracy by up to 50 percent,” informs Univ.-Doz. Dr. Jantsch, head of the radiology department at the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital. As a result, around 30 percent more malignant tumors are discovered and almost 15% fewer false positive or false negative findings are made.

Since less pressure has to be exerted on the breast, women find the examination more comfortable, and the radiation exposure is also lower.


In addition, a special ultrasound examination – elastography - is done. A special software is used to color the image according to the elasticity of the tissue. I.e. hard areas that need further clarification appear dark blue. The advantage of this method is that in many cases unnecessary biopsies (tissue removal) can be avoided.

International Certification

Since 2011, the Breast Center of the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital has been certified according to the international standard "Doc-Cert". This demanding certification proves that breast cancer is diagnosed and treated according to the highest, internationally recognized quality criteria.

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