Healthy Indulging – What to Eat during Pregnancy

The energy requirement increases by around 250 kcal from the 13th to the 27th week of pregnancy. This additional requirement can be covered, for example, with an apple and half a liter of buttermilk. From the 28th to the 40th week of pregnancy, the calorie requirement increases by an additional 500 kcal, which corresponds, for example, to a portion of zander with polenta and tomato salad.

Eat five meals - three main meals and two snacks - throughout the day.

  • Drink at least 1.5 liters: Water, mineral water, unsweetened tea and highly diluted 100% fruit and vegetable juices are best.
  • You can still drink coffee, but not more than two to three cups a day. You should also be careful with green and black tea: Drink a maximum of four cups a day.
  • Beverages high in caffeine such as energy drinks and beverages containing quinine such as tonic water and bitter lemon should be avoided. Also avoid alcohol, as it can endanger your child's health.
  • Enjoy five handfuls of vegetables, legumes and fruit daily. Of these, three hands should be filled with vegetables and/or legumes and two with fruit.
  • From the 13th week of pregnancy we recommend an extra portion of vegetables. The following applies: the more colorful you make your food, the better!
  • Four handfuls of potatoes and cereals, preferably wholegrain, perfectly complete your diet. Whole grain products contain the whole grain, which also contains valuable vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Please make sure that you drink enough in connection with whole grain products, otherwise there is a risk of constipation.

The dietitians at the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital also offer outpatient nutritional advice for pregnant women: Nutritional counseling - Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital, Vienna (

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