Women's Health in the Private Hospitals of the PremiQaMed Group

Giving birth in a safe and exclusive environment

The obstetrics departments of the private hospitals of the PremiQaMed Group in Vienna “Goldenes Kreuz” and “Döbling” offer a perfect setting for mother and baby – before, during and after the birth –  medical support by top specialists and devoted care, state-of-the-art equipment, and above all, a high level of medical safety.

Modern gynecologic surgery

Minimally invasive surgery has practically replaced traditional abdominal operations in almost all surgical disciplines, including gynecology. Modern, minimally invasive surgical techniques (laparoscopy, hysteroscopy) are offered in the private hospital of the PremiQaMed Group for the treatment of a series of gynecologic diseases.

Patients rightly demand organ-preserving operations through small incisions that cause much less pain. Because minimally invasive techniques focus on preserving healthy tissue and minimizing surgical wounds and sutures, such surgeries do not affect a woman's fertility. On the contrary, for many patients, pregnancy is only possible after the operation.

Modern treatment of breast cancer

State-of-the-art diagnostics using tomosynthesis (3D mammography) enable examination results that are up to 50% more accurate than conventional mammography. Due to the 3D-technology 30 percent more malignant tumors are discovered and almost 15% fewer false positive or false negative findings are made. Thanks to the early diagnosis of breast cancer, more than 90% of tumor surgeries in the clinics of the PremiQaMed Group can be breast-conserving.

The exact diagnosis of breast cancer also includes a precise classification of the tumor. For this purpose, various biomarker tests are carried out, which can provide information about the effectiveness of different therapies, the risk of metastasis and the risk of recurrence, so that the right therapy decision can be made for every woman.

The modern therapy of breast cancer takes place in close cooperation with specialists from all disciplines involved ("tumor board") in order to enable individual therapy planning.

Treatment of endometriosis

Endometriosis is one of the most common and often undiagnosed diseases in women of childbearing age. The treatment is complex and requires an interdisciplinary team of specialists.

The aim of treating endometriosis is, on the one hand, to relieve the patient's pain and, on the other hand, to preserve fertility if the patient wishes to have children. In the endometriosis treatment center, an experienced team of specialists offers patients expert care in the treatment of this disease.

Regular health checks

Every woman should schedule an annual gynecological check-up in her diary.

In the private hospitals of the PremiQaMed Group, extensive examinations with the collection of personal risk factors, cancer swabs, vaginal ultrasound, breast examination, HPV screening and HPV vaccination and hormone status are offered - so that diseases can be recognized in the early stages and treated effectively.

Godenes Kreuz Private Hospital

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Döbling Private Hospital

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