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Of course, it initially took some time to understand the extent of the pandemic and to find one's way around the numerous international guidelines, Assoc. Prof. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Monika Resch, head of the neonatal ward, describes the beginnings of the Covid crisis. In the meantime, the hospital is running well in accordance with the guidelines of the WHO and CDC (Centers of Disease Control) as well as AAP (American Academy of Pediatry). Strict access controls, strict visitor regulations and PCR tests are now part of everyday life. But even more: "People are now appreciating our measures," said Resch.

Covid-19 vaccination and fertility

There is a lot of uncertainty about Covid-19 and its impact on fertility, especially when it comes to vaccination. The specialists of Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital can dispel concerns: “We strongly recommend that you get vaccinated. The antibodies of the vaccination are even better transferred to the unborn child than in the case of a previous illness. This means that the child and mother are well protected.

“The vaccination neither harms the reproduction nor the cycle”, says Dr. Kritin Lietz, head of the clinical laboratory at the fertility center.

Infertility treatment

Every immune reaction can have an impact in the short term, which is why we suggest an interval of five weeks between the second vaccination and IVF. But even with other vaccinations, when you try to get pregnant, you don't take it into account. ”Because when you want to have children, waiting for better times is simply not an alternative.

When should you contact the fertility center if the desire to have a child does not come true? “Let's assume a fulfilled relationship life: If you are under 35 and after two years still not pregnant, you should come to us. With over 35 years already after one year,” advises Dr. Lietz. In any case, Covid is no reason to delay fertility treatment. Neither in the egg cell nor in the ejaculate could a viral load ever be detected.

Screenings during pregnancy

More frequent examinations than those routinely suggested after the 12th and around the 20th week of pregnancy are also not necessary due to Covid.

The parents decide what they want to know. This ranges from gender to the risk of trisomy in the fetus,” says Dr. Martin Metzenbauer, specialist of prenatal diagnostics. Heart defects and other malformations can also be examined in a differentiated manner during prenatal diagnostic procedures.

There is no need for fear mongering

Nonetheless, the pandemic had serious side effects, which neonatologist Prof. Dr. Monika Resch observes on her ward: “Our children's room is a high-security wing. And the fear is very great for many. Because the immune system of the newborn is not yet sufficiently developed. But even if the mother falls ill, it is important and possible to continue breastfeeding, because the virus does not pass through the breast milk to the child".

Safe environment

Thanks to precautionary measures, there were no infections in the neonatal ward during the entire pandemic. Which is why Prof. Resch now sees her task primarily as taking away the fear of the young families, who have often worked for a long time to have children. It is important to get rid of the hysteria and excessive hygiene measures, says Resch. “Of course, the grandparents can come to visit at home and so can the siblings with the baby.

In the meantime, so much research has been carried out on Covid that you can speak of a manageable virus disease with a clear conscience, especially if you take advantage of the vaccinations available.

Prof. Dr. Fritz Nagele, Medical Director of the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital does not attribute the fact that more children were born in the hospital in 2020 than ever to a general increase in the birth rate. "It's more about the feeling of security and compassionate care that we can convey to the women in the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital," says Prof. Nagele.

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