Fertility Center at the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital

Fertility treatments

Our Fertility Center offers you the most modern medical treatment options. We see people in their individuality and follow a holistic therapeutic approach. That is why we choose the therapy most carefully and accompany couples with a lot of empathy through the entire treatment process.

Hormone therapy and follicle monitoring

Hormonal stimulation is the recommended therapy for delayed or non-maturation of an egg follicle or deficiency of the yellow body (corpus luteum).


First, ovulation is triggered. At the optimal point in time, the sperm are painlessly introduced into the uterine cavity with the help of an insemination catheter.

IVF (In Vitro Fertilization)

In our embryology laboratory, the egg cells are brought together with the sperm in a nutrient medium and then cultivated in a special nutrient solution in an incubator. Three to five days later, an embryo is transferred painlessly into the uterus (embyro transfer).

ICSI (Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection)

If the quantity or mobility of the sperm cells is limited, one sperm cell is injected into a mature egg cell under the microscope in our embryology laboratory. Three to five days later, an embryo is transferred painlessly into the uterus (embryo transfer).

IVF in the natural cycle

The therapy is carried out in the woman's natural, unstimulated cycle, with little or no hormone administration.


Freezing of sperm, oocytes and embryos.

The cryopreservation is done by the so-called vitrification ("shock freezing"). It is particularly gentle on the sperm cells and egg cells. The deep-frozen cells are stored in a specially secured room in cryo tanks. The fertility center also offers various additional services such as Assisted Hatching, EmbryoGlue®, Scratching, etc. to encourage the development of a pregnancy.

Surgical treatment options

Adhesions in reproductive organs, cysts, endometriosis foci and fibroids often affect fertility. They can be examined using minimally invasive procedures and, if necessary, removed.

Endometriosis is a common reason why women are unable to have children. The Fertility Center therefore works closely with the Endometriosis Center at the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital.

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