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The certification is an objectively verified proof of competence and quality that directly benefits the patient. The test and certification was carried out for the first time in 2011 by Doc-Cert - an independent expert commission from Switzerland. A number of demanding quality criteria for diagnostics, surgical treatment, therapy and care, which must be proven in an annual quality report, are a prerequisite for certification.

Breast cancer is much more curable today

On the one hand, this is due to better diagnostics. Tomosynthesis is used for this in the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital. This is the most modern form of mammography, in which not only an overview image is made, but a three-dimensional representation of the breast without additional radiation exposure is achieved. This means that around 40% more cancers are found in the early stages than with normal mammography.

The reduction in mortality is also due to improved therapeutic options, both in the area of ​​local therapy and new drug options - an important prerequisite for this was the development of interdisciplinarity, i.e. close cooperation between specialists of various fields.

Interdisciplinary treatment approach

The treatment successes that are possible today can only be achieved through close cooperation between the expertise of all the disciplines involved. In the interdisciplinary tumor board, all cases are discussed weekly by the relevant specialists - surgeon, radiologist, pathologist, internist, oncologist - and a therapeutic approach is developed together for each patient.

Surgery is still essential - with the goal of preserving the breast

The operation is an essential part of the treatment. At top centers, in more than 90 percent of the cases breast amputation can be avoided. On the one hand, this is achieved through the rapid further development of surgical operating procedures, e.g. through new oncoplastic techniques. On the other hand through the interdisciplinary pre-treatment with chemotherapy and/or immunotherapy, through which initially large tumors can often be successfully "shrunk" in order to achieve a better surgical result.

There is no single standard therapy for breast cancer

The stage of the disease, the nature of the tumor and the patient's history all play a role in the decision on breast cancer treatment. Today we are able to offer tailormade therapeutic approaches and new therapy methods in the majority of the cases - often also for young women. Untargeted chemotherapy is applied only in less than one third of the cases. Special tests help to estimate the risk of a relapse. The therapy is thus geared even better to the individual tumor characteristics and over-therapy and side effects can be avoided.

Not only the treatment of cancer, but also the maintenance of an optimal quality of life is of the greatest importance today. Therefore, attempts are made to adapt the intensity of therapy to the risk of relapse. This means that aggressive therapies - such as chemotherapy - are only used if this actually appears necessary due to an increased risk of relapse. It has to be said that chemotherapy has lost much of its former horror – new concomitant medications allow us to successfully deal with side affects.

Second opinion

Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer and want to have both the diagnosis and the proposed therapy reviewed can apply to our hospital. Their case will be evaluated by a board of certified specialists and a treatment plan will be drawn up. This is possible both in the hospital and remotely.

The Medical University of Vienna - a top player in breast cancer research

Many of the specialists working at the Golden Cross belong to internationally highly successful research groups. Cutting-edge medicine is always science-driven medicine. The most important thing is that the latest findings and research results are quickly available and used in everyday clinical practice. We have been striving for this with success for many years.

 In an international comparison, the cure rate in Austria is at the top, just like the treatment is considered exemplary worldwide.

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