Colonoscopy - Prevention or Early Detection of Colon Cancer

The screening colonoscopy is recommended from the age of 50. People who are symptom-free are advised to have the test carried out every ten years. However, if intestinal polyps or other abnormalities are found during the first examination, closer check-ups are recommended.

Patients with an increased risk of colon cancer should have their first screening colonoscopy before they are 50 years old. This affects patients with inflammatory bowel disease or colon cancer in the family. You will usually be examined more often after the first colonoscopy than every ten years.

It is assumed that 90 percent of all colon cancer patients can be cured if diagnosed early. This is why early detection plays an important role, especially with colon cancer.

Before a colonoscopy, the large intestine must be completely emptied. Since only an empty bowel can be reliably assessed, good preparation is very important. The examination is usually carried out under sedation, which means that the patient sleeps during the examination and does not feel any pain.

Preventive Colonoscopy at Döbling Private Hospital

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