Artificial Intelligence in Colonoscopy - a Milestone in Colon Cancer Prevention

Importance of artificial intelligence in colonoscopy

Artificial intelligence is very valuable, especially in colonoscopy. With these systems, which can be connected to the endoscopes, the polyp detection rate (adenoma detection rate - ADR) can be significantly increased - by 10-12%.

This is particularly important in the case of a colonoscopy, since the examination is carried out as a screening for cancer prevention. If more polyps are detected and removed, more cases of colorectal cancer can be prevented. It can be said that the use of artificial intelligence will lead to a reduction in the rate of cancer.

Does this change the procedure of the examination?

No, the examination remains the same and means no additional burden for the patient or additional work for the doctor. The system is simply switched on during the colonoscopy. It is present during the entire examination and calculates whether a change in the mucous membrane could be a polyp. This location is then marked graphically to indicate to the examiner that a polyp may be present. The doctor can then decide whether to remove the polyp or take a sample of the tissue. This AI system is now used for all colonoscopies in the Center for Endoscopy of the Confraternität Private Hospital.

What is the big advantage of artificial intelligence?

The big advantage of artificial intelligence is that it always works equally well and never gets tired. In addition, the so-called polyp miss rate - these are those polyps that are overlooked for technical reasons - can be reduced by 50%. This means that 50% fewer polyps are missed because the system also detects minimal lesions that even very experienced examiners cannot see with the naked eye.

The international test results are so good that it is difficult to imagine that this technology can be dispensed with in modern colorectal cancer screening in the future.

Gentle examination without long waiting times

The Center for Endoscopy in the Confraternität offers a perfect infrastructure. Examinations are carried out gently and painlessly under sedation in the safe setting of a hospital. The patient is then monitored for a while and, in most cases, can leave the clinic the same morning. The entire procedure from arrival at the clinic to discharge usually takes about two hours.

Examination appointments can be easily booked without long waiting times.

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