Medical focus areas

Patient Safety – One of our Major Concerns

Patient safety, hygiene, infection prevention and continuous quality improvement are central concerns in the clinics of the PremiQaMed Group.

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Artificial Intelligence in Colonoscopy - a Milestone in Colon Cancer Prevention

Confraternität Private Hospital is constantly investing in new technologies. Up to 3,000 examinations per year are carried out in the hospital’s Center for Endoscopy. A new technology using artificial intelligence has been in use here since June 2023. This system represents an extremely great advance in diagnostics, which can now be offered to all patients.

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Gastroenterology in Austrian Private Clinics

Specialists in internal medicine and gastroenterology as well as specialized abdominal surgeons in the private hospitals of the PremiQaMed Group in Vienna care for all gastroenterological diseases, whereas strong emphasis is placed on preventive care. Experienced gastroenterologists enable diseases of stomach, intestinal, liver, and pancreas to be diagnosed quickly in order to determine optimal treatment.

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Colonoscopy - Prevention or Early Detection of Colon Cancer

Colonoscopy is considered to be the most reliable method for early detection of colon cancer. With colonoscopy, the preliminary stages of colon cancer, so-called adenomas, can also be discovered and usually removed during the examination. This means that colonoscopy is not only an examination for early detection, but it can prevent the formation of carcinomas from precancerous stages.

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Reflux Center at Döbling Private Hospital

Reflux is the most common upper gastrointestinal tract disease, affecting up to 40% of the population once a month. The underlying reason is usually a diaphragmatic hernia, which can be congenital or acquired. Regardless of the size, there are various, sometimes severe symptoms such as heartburn. This means nagging, burning pain behind the breastbone. 14% of those affected suffer from heartburn at least once a week, 7% experience unpleasant symptoms every day.

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