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Post-Covid-Check in the outpatient clinic of the Döbling Private Hospital

Corona long-term consequences are often underestimated

Covid-19 is a disease of the entire vascular and immune system, so symptoms can persist anywhere in the body or only appear after a while. Experts warn that the long-term effects are underestimated. More and more people need months before they feel fit again, even after a rather mild course of the disease.

Chronic exhaustion

Many patients complain of persistent exhaustion, often accompanied by headache and muscle pain. Patients also suffer from of insomnia or depression, whereas not only people with pre-existing illnesses are affected.

Long-term effects on the lungs

The lungs are affected in most Covid-19 patients and do not always regenerate completely after an infection. Destroyed alveoli and scarred tissue reduce gas exchange and lead to a lack of oxygen reduces the physical performance. Even younger patients and those who had only mild symptoms of illness sometimes complain of shortness of breath for months.

Inflammation of various organs

Coronaviruses can cause inflammation throughout the body. For example, the brain, kidneys or intestines can be affected. The fact that this infection can manifest itself in the heart is particularly worrying. Anyone who still feels shortness of breath, tiredness or exhaustion weeks after the illness should have their heart's performance checked in order to identify an inflammation of the heart muscle or a possible reduction in heart function.

Exact clarification and therapy

All these effects can be treated. Since the late symptoms of Covid-19 are unspecific and sometimes difficult to assess, precise clarification is essential. The outpatient clinic of the Döbling Private Hospital offers a post-Covid check to identify and treat the most common long-term consequences of Covid disease. If necessary, further examinations and therapeutic procedures as well as special training programs to regain physical fitness can be organized.

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