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Treatment of Kidney Tumors in Austria

In the treatment of kidney tumors, and especially in the minimally invasive removal of kidney tumors, the specialists at Döbling Private Hospital, such as Prof. Mesut Remzi, enjoy an excellent international reputation.

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Otoplasty - Ear Correction Surgery for Your Child – Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital

Usually, the ears are hardly visible. If they bulge, then they attract a lot of attention - to the great regret of children with such a deviation. When do children start to worry about it?

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Children’s Health Center „Kinderarzt NEST” at Döbling Private Hospital

The Children's Health Center Kinderarzt Nest at Döbling Private Hospital provides you and your child with a wide range of medical services. In addition to standard scheduled pediatric examinations and vaccinations, you can also get qualified advice from different medical specialists.

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Sleep Disorders and Treatment Possibilities in Austria

Good sleep is a key element of a person's physical and mental health. During sleep, the body regenerates, the immune system gains new strength, the brain processes what has been experienced, learns and frees itself from unnecessary information ballast. In the western world, however, up to 30 percent of people suffer from sleep disorders, which also include snoring and sleep-related breathing disorders (sleep apnea).

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How does Sugar Affect your Body? Get out of the sugar trap!

Not only children love sweets, but too much sugar is bad for your health.

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What You Need to Know About Osteoporosis

Osteoporosis is a common aging disease of the bone, making it more prone to fracture. One in four women over the age of 50 suffers from osteoporosis.

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Prevention and Early Detection of Cancer

The development of cancer cannot always be prevented by a healthy lifestyle. But some cancers can be detected early and treated well in the early stages. Regular check-ups are therefore essential.

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The Vagus Nerve - an Important Control Point for our Well-Being

The vagus nerve (Latin for “wandering nerve”) is not only responsible for supplying the head area as the other cranial nerves, but it supplies almost all organs of the body “parasympathetically”. It is the longest cranial nerve, the largest nerve of the parasympathetic nervous system and it influences relaxation, heart rate, breathing, digestion, building up energy reserves and regenerating the organism.

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Center for Cartilage Regeneration, Orthobiology and Joint Preservation

Prof. Dr. Stefan Marlovits heads the Center for Cartilage Regeneration, Orthobiology and Joint Preservation at the Döbling Private Hospital. Cartilage research has been one of his scientific focal points and the subject of numerous publications for over 25 years.

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Healthy and Fit Into Old Age

It is well known that a healthy lifestyle and preventive health care are essential for maintaining good health. However, statistics show that older people in particular are less concerned about health prevention than young people. Many become more comfortable in old age, do not do sport, pay less attention to a balanced diet and neglect medical check-ups.

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Navigation-Assisted Surgery in Chronic Sinusitis

Otolaryngologist Dr. Franz Windisch at the Döbling Private Hospital offers a wide range of endoscopic and aesthetic surgeries, such as: treatment of snoring and sleep apnea, hearing improvement and treatment of ear infections, lacrimal duct surgery, removal of tumors, microscopic operations on the larynx, aesthetic nose surgery and modern surgical methods of chronic sinusitis treatment.

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Döbling Private Hospital: "Luminous Tissue" Makes Operations Even Safer

By injecting the dye indocyanine green (ICG), surgeons at the Döbling Private Hospital are able to visualize the vascularization in individual tissue structures during operations in real time – without any additional radiological equipment. By using this fluorescence angiography, operations can be carried out particularly precisely and gently, thus increasing patient safety.

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Treatment of Dupuytren's Disease (Dupuytren's contracture) in Austria

Dupuytren’s disease is a benign proliferation of the connective tissue under the skin (fibromatosis) that causes cord-like thickening on the palms of the hands.

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Surgery at the PremiQaMed Private Hospitals

Surgery today comprises a large number of sub-disciplines in which complex operations are possible with a high degree of safety and reliability. The prerequisites for this are high technical standards and excellent know-how. The private hospitals of the PremiQaMed Group offer you both.

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iTind - New Minimally Invasive Therapy for the Treatment of Benign Prostate Enlargement

With a new type of minimally invasive procedure called "iTind", the Prostate Center at the Confraternität Private Hospital is expanding its range of treatments for benign prostate enlargement and bladder neck constriction.

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