In addition to an accurate diagnosis, precise classification of the tumor is equally crucial, as cancer cells can have different characteristics. This is why patients also respond to cancer treatments in different ways.

The process known as “tumor profiling” is becoming increasingly accurate, thanks in particular to the cutting-edge molecular methods used in pathology today. Determination of the molecular properties of the tumor (“biomarkers”) enables precise knowledge to be gained of the characteristics of the cancer cells. This then forms the basis for personalized treatment.

Prognostic biomarkers provide an indication of the expected course of the disease, such as the likelihood of recurrence. Predictive biomarkers provide information regarding the expected efficacy of a drug.

Specialists from various disciplines work together closely at the PCCV to develop the appropriate treatment and to increase the chances of successful treatment based on an accurate diagnosis. They have all of the latest imaging methods, endoscopic procedures, and specialist pathology laboratories available to them for this purpose.

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