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Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer at the Lung Center Döbling

Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael Rolf Müller

Head of Department of Thorax Surgery at

Krankenhaus Nord - Klinik Floridsdorf

Attending physician at Döbling Private Hospital


Pulmonary function tests, blood tests, CT and bronchoscopy are used for diagnosis. Examinations using EBUS bronchoscopy (endobronchial ultrasound) can be carried out in our partner hospital if necessary. In order to assess the risk of surgery and anesthesia, patients are asked to send information about their medical history.

Minimally invasive surgical treatment

Minimally invasive surgery methods have proven to be very successful forms of treatment. Patients do no longer have to fear major operations. Today, a hospital stay to remove lung cancer lasts less than a week.

Thoracoscopic lobectomy was performed for the first time more than 20 years ago; today, VATS lobectomy has become the standard in specialized centers in the early stages of the disease. The key to success lies in a strategic combination of conservative and surgical measures based on the latest knowledge.

Advantages of minimally invasive surgery

The advantages are obvious: thanks to the small access, the ribs do not have to be spread, surgical trauma and pain are significantly lower, and the breathing mechanism is better. In addition, less stress caused by the operation leads to less impairment of the patient's immune system and fewer complications, and also to improved long-term survival.

What is the key to successful treatment?

Every modern treatment concept for lung cancer requires the close cooperation of all involved disciplines - from diagnosis to planning of therapy and aftercare. In the lung center of the Döbling Private Hospital, lung cancer patients are evaluated by an interdisciplinary tumor board.

What happens after the operation?

The patient is mobilized with nursing support on the first day after the operation. In most cases he can leave the hospital within a week. A drug therapy can improve healing prospects. The decision about a subsequent therapy is made together with the specialized team based on the histopathological results after surgery.

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