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Hallux Valgus deformity – When every step causes pain

Hallux Valgus deformity – how does it develop?

Hallux valgus is a common, painful orthopaedic foot deformity implying medial deviation of the first metatarsal and lateral deviation of the great toe (hallux). The condition can lead to painful motion of the joint and shoe wear difficulty. Light forms of hallux valgus can be treated by way of foot gymnastics and wearing of shoes with a wider toe box that allow more room in the shoe. If the disease has persisted for a long time only an operation can solve the problem.

When is an operation indicated?

Surgery is indicated when the patient has pain that is not alleviated by a simple change of shoes or other conservative treatments. Almost 200 different operation techniques have been described for the treatment of hallux valgus, but most of them could not bring a long-term success. All successful techniques have in common the section of the first metatarsal and its fixation in corrected position. It is decisive to choose the proper operation techniques according to the severity of the deformity, furthermore the follow-up treatment is of great importance.

Foot surgery center at Privatklinik Confraternität

During 23 years of research and international activity the specialists of the foot surgery center at Privatklinik Confraternität have worked out a treatment concept for hallux valgus deformation which brings excellent results in 95 % of all cases. This is possible not only due to the long-term experience of the team but also to a professional system of quality assurance.

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