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Childbirth at the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital in Vienna

The Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital provides an outstanding level of medical safety for mothers-to-be and newborns. What makes the hospital stand out among others?

At Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital about 1,500 babies are born every year, thus it is the largest and most popular private birthplace in Austria. In order to ensure maximum safety for mothers and babies, the hospital offers special equipment and highly qualified experts. Experts of gynecology and anesthesiology are available 24/7. Experienced neonatologist can be called in at a very short notice. The close proximity and longstanding established collaboration with the department of gynecology of the Vienna University Hospital are important safety and quality factors. The hospital is equipped with three state-of-the-art delivery rooms next to the operating rooms, which allows for urgent measures in case of emergency.

Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital tries to pay maximum attention to the individual needs and requirements of our mothers and babies. What services can expectant mothers and their partners expect?

Experienced midwives perform fetal monitoring throughout the entire delivery process. Highly experienced gynecologist is always present throughout labor course. After childbirth, the experienced medical and pediatric team lovingly cares for mothers and newborns. Most natural births occur under epidural anesthesia, which can be applied at any time at the patient's request and provides virtually painless delivery.

The mother-to-be can choose her labor position. This can be a position on the back, side-lying position, or in a special bath. The presence of the father (or a close relative) during labor is not only possible but highly recommended.

After birth of the baby, the gynecologist visits the patient for a daily medical check-up, and the nursing team supports her throughout the first days whenever assistance is needed. In the first days after birth, babies are examined by a pediatrician on a daily basis. Hearing tests and ultrasound hip check are conducted at the hospital as routine tests. Breastfeeding problems are common, so the hospital has specially educated pediatric nurses who help patients cope with these difficulties.

It is of great importance to establish a close relationship between the parents and the child immediately after birth, and we have supported rooming-in for many years.

More and more women decide to give birth by a Cesarean section. What should be considered when making this decision?

Obstetrics has become a so-called "defensive" field of medicine. This means that risky techniques such as the use of forceps in childbirth are no longer used. Today there are two optimal ways: a problem-free natural delivery or a scheduled Cesarean section. In any case, the decision on how to deliver a baby is made together with the patient ("shared decision making"). Previously, the low percentage of Cesarean sections was a fictitious quality indicator. However, the situation has changed dramatically in recent years. Many women choose Cesarean section regardless of their medical condition for personal reasons, and our hospital takes this into account.

Cesarean section is nowadays a gentle surgery method for a mother which allows immediate contact with a baby. What is it like?

More than 500 Cesarean sections are performed at the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital annually. All of them are conducted in the most gentle way for mother and child. Almost every intervention is performed under epidural anesthesia, which allows the mother to go through the experience of childbirth with minimum stress for the child. The midwife accompanies the mother from the moment of admission to the hospital and is present in the operating room with the doctor. The first contact between the mother and the child occurs during the operation immediately after the baby is born. Then, the midwives care of the newborn, and after the surgery the baby is handed over to the parents. Naturally, surgical incisions are made as small as possible.

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