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Cancer Treatment in Austria

The chances for recovery are increasing

Information about the nature of a particular tumor allows experts to select targeted treatment methods. This allows to avoid unnecessary and stressful chemotherapy, and many patients have a chance to receive more effective treatment with fewer side effects. In many cases, new high-performance medications are used specifically to treat particular types of tumors.

Diagnostics and second opinion

Oncology experts at PremiQaMed hospitals offer patients a thorough diagnosis and work out individual treatment plans based on the latest scientific advances. There is a possibility to receive second opinion without being onsite. Patients can send their medical findings and reports to the clinic and get a consultation from the specialist.

Cancer Treatment

Well-coordinated cooperation of experts of various disciplines and professional patient management are crucial for successful treatment. At PremiQaMed hospitals patients are cared for individually by one specialist – usually a University professor - who is available to the patient from the admission for diagnostics until the end of the treatment course. Appointments can be made at short notice. Apart from the main goal – to overcome the cancer disease - preservation of affected organs and their functionality are also of great importance. Therefore, modern minimally invasive surgery methods are widely applied in our hospitals.

Cancer Prevention

Undoubtedly, the chances of recovery are much higher if the disease is detected at an early stage. For this purpose, PremiQaMed hospitals “Döbling” and “Confraternität” offer special check-up programs using state-of-the-art diagnostic technologies.

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