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Innovative treatment of sports injuries at Confraternität Private Hospital

A quick rotation movement of the knee may be sufficient for the tear of the cruciate ligament. If after a fall on a ski slope or other sports trauma you have the feeling that there is something wrong with your knee, you should always see a specialist.

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Hip arthroscopy instead of invasive surgery

Knee arthroscopy has become one of the most common routine procedure in orthopedic surgery. This minimally invasive technique is now increasingly applied also for hip joint surgery and in many cases can avoid extensive operations.

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Hallux Valgus deformity – When every steps causes pain

Examination of indigenous people who do not wear shoes have shown that only 6 – 10 % of all hallux valgus deformity are hereditary. All other cases are caused by modern shoes that are too tight.

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Cancer Prevention in Austria

The latest diagnostic advances also allow to detect precancerous conditions or cancer at a very early stage and to start treatment immediately. Many oncological diseases do not show symptoms for a long time. A person may lead a normal life without any complaints or symptoms. At this stage, almost any disease can be treated successfully, therefore, it is vital to undergo regular examinations and identify indications of potential diseases.

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Cancer Treatment in Austria

Austria is one of the leading countries in the world in cancer research. This is primarily due to internationally renowned research projects carried out by the Medical University of Vienna. Experts confirm that even patients with major tumors, which cannot be treated with standard therapies, can benefit from new molecular biologic treatment approaches.

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Men’s Health at Confraternität Private Hospital

Confraternität Private Hospital has a focus on men’s health and offers a wide range of examinations and treatments especially for men from screening programs for the prevention of typical diseases to specific topics of urology, andrology (e.g. hormones, sexual dysfunction, incontinence, fertility problems) and oncologic diseases, such as prostate cancer.

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Gynecological Surgery at Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital

Nowadays gynecological surgery focuses on minimally invasive surgical techniques. The advantages of these techniques are not only cosmetic but they also provide a shorter hospital stay with a shorter rehabilitation phase. Patients do not need a large amount of painkillers; postoperative mobilization and the recovery phase at home are significantly shortened. Moreover, the recovery period and the duration of the patient’s sick leave are also shorter, which contributes to the rapid integration into the work process. 

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Endometriosis: Modern Diagnostics Techniques and Treatment at Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital

Endometriosis is a benign disease in which endometrial cells disseminate into other organs/tissues. Endometriosis lesions most commonly develop in ovaries, and in the pelvic area, but can also spread beyond pelvic organs. Although the disease is very common, it often takes several years from the onset of the first symptoms to getting the right diagnosis.

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Childbirth at the Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital in Vienna

At Goldenes Kreuz Private Hospital about 1,500 babies are born every year, thus it is the largest and most popular private birthplace in Austria. In order to ensure maximum safety for mothers and babies, the hospital offers special equipment and highly qualified experts.

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Cardiology at Confraternität Private Hospital

In Europe more that 50 % of all cases of illness and hospitals admission are due to cardiovascular disorders and accounts for 45 % of all deaths. At Confraternität Private Hospital cardiology has become the key priority which is constantly being developed and adapted to the latest scientific findings.

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