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Gynecology and Obstetrics at Döbling Private Hospital

At Döbling Private Hospital leading experts of gynecology and obstetrics are devoted to any health issues that may affect a woman. Treatment and care are provided according to the highest quality standards, with modern technology and great sensitivity.

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Modern diagnosis of prostate cancer using prostate fusion biopsy

Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and the number of cases is increasing worldwide. However, mortality from the disease has declined in recent decades. Early detection and an exact diagnosis are of crucial importance.

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Repair of large hernias - chemical component separation with botox and relief of the transversus adominis muscle (TAR)

Hernias are defects or weak points in the abdominal wall, which leads to a bulging of the peritoneum and, as a result, of the intestines.

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Defeat cancer - with prevention and the latest diagnostic and treatment technologies

Cancer affects the lives of more and more people. Thanks to the latest advances in medical science, today most cases can be successfully cured if the disease is diagnosed at an early stage. According to WHO statistics, more than 40% of cancer cases can be prevented.

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Childbirth in the Time of Covid-19

The Covid 19 pandemic is causing great uncertainty among expectant mothers. A lot of contradictory information is published in the media. Prof. Dr. Christian Kainz, specialist in gynecology and obstetrics and Medical Director of the Döbling Private Hospital, answers questions that concern pregnant women the most.

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Second opinion and telemedicine at Private Hospitals of the PremiQaMed Group in Vienna

According to different studies performed by clinics offering second opinion services the misdiagnosis happens quite often. To protect yourself from misdiagnosis you can apply for a such a “second opinion” medical service.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Diseases of the Thyroid Gland

Every node in the thyroid gland is considered pathological and must be examined more closely. 20-30% of adults in our latitudes have lumps of >1cm in the thyroid gland. In areas with iodine deficiency, the percentage is almost 50%. The incidence of thyroid carcinomas is increasing across Europe and is increasingly affecting the younger population.

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Colon Cancer Treatment in the Confraternität Private Hospital

Vienna has earned an international reputation in cancer research and ranks among top countries worldwide. At the Medical University of Vienna, research is carried out at a very high, internationally recognized level, with the aim of quickly making research results available for the continuous development of new treatment concepts.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Lung Cancer at the Lung Center Döbling

The treatment of lung cancer has changed dramatically. Due to availability of completely new and constantly developing forms of conservative treatment, patients with advanced diseases, who until a few years ago had to be considered hopeless, have realistic chances of cure.

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Second Opinion on Cancer

A cancer diagnosis often causes shock in patients. But also doubts - is it really cancer? Is surgery urgently needed? Does it have to be chemotherapy or is there an alternative? In order for the patient to be able to make an informed decision about his treatment, it is advisable to obtain a second opinion from a team of experts.

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Coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

Ensuring the greatest possible safety for our patients and staff is of utmost important to us.
In order to provide medical care for our patients in the usual high quality during the current situation, we have taken the following measures.
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Innovative treatment of sports injuries at Confraternität Private Hospital

A quick rotation movement of the knee may be sufficient for the tear of the cruciate ligament. If after a fall on a ski slope or other sports trauma you have the feeling that there is something wrong with your knee, you should always see a specialist.

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Hip arthroscopy instead of invasive surgery

Knee arthroscopy has become one of the most common routine procedure in orthopedic surgery. This minimally invasive technique is now increasingly applied also for hip joint surgery and in many cases can avoid extensive operations.

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Hallux Valgus deformity – When every steps causes pain

Examination of indigenous people who do not wear shoes have shown that only 6 – 10 % of all hallux valgus deformity are hereditary. All other cases are caused by modern shoes that are too tight.

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Cancer Prevention in Austria

The latest diagnostic advances also allow to detect precancerous conditions or cancer at a very early stage and to start treatment immediately. Many oncological diseases do not show symptoms for a long time. A person may lead a normal life without any complaints or symptoms. At this stage, almost any disease can be treated successfully, therefore, it is vital to undergo regular examinations and identify indications of potential diseases.

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