Testimonials of our patients and success stories

Here you find our patients' testimonials and success stories.

Svetlana, Russia

In June 2018, I had sepsis of a hip joint endoprosthesis. The endoprosthesis was removed in Moscow and was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, which meant that I would not be able to put a new endoprosthesis. So I can't walk on my own. It was a tragedy for me. All day long I tried to find a way out. I wrote and called to different countries. Many people prayed for me. And then one day the encouraging news came: in Austria in Vienna at the Döbling Hospital there is a surgeon who developed a method for healing osteomyelitis.

And on 06.12.2018 I was operated. A couple of days later I got to my feet leaning on a walker and my soul gained faith in life. Dr. Heinz Winkler performed a unique operation according to his method, fulfilling the Divine mission of bringing me back to a life of full joy. At the end of January I returned home on my own and since then I have been living with a heart full of gratitude to this amazing surgeon and man.

Ruslan, Russia

I am an international master of sports in powerlifting, multiple winner of the World and European Championships. Champion and record holder of Russia. I have been in sports since 1993 to this day. In 2017, doctors diagnosed osteoporosis of the left elbow, which meant that my sports career was over, and an operation was needed, after which I would not be able to return to sports if I wanted to. But I remembered a friend who was operated on in Austria in the private hospital "Döbling" in Vienna. He had hopeless knees, and now he can even run, after which I gave the address to another friend. He was also pleased with the knee operation.

Then I realized that if I can be helped, then only there. I packed up and flew to Vienna to Professor Janousek and Professor Schatz for a consultation, after having made all the necessary images and MRI. They gave me a high chance of being able to return to the sport. On January 16, 2018, I underwent an operation, it was successful, everything was done at the highest level, including service and stay in the hospital.

After a year of hard training, I returned to the sport and won a prize in Russia, and now I am preparing for the World Championship in Japan, which will be held in May 2019 in Tokyo. I would like to express my deep gratitude to Prof. Schatz and Prof. Janousek for such a high-quality operation and physiotherapist Petra Salzl, as well as interpreter and my friend Victoria Babich without whom nothing would have happened.

P.S. Ruslan took first place at the World Bench Press Championships in Tokyo in May 2019, and also became the absolute champion of the BP Championships in Finland on October 18, 2019 at the European Championships. His career continues successfully, Ruslan continues to take prizes.

Nadezhda, Russia

… Finally, I decided on a vein surgery in Vienna, which we had been waiting for more than six months because of the Corona virus. And which was prescribed to me as much as two pregnancies ago, and I pulled everything, tried the alternative, but after the 4th pregnancy I gave up) and I have no regrets. We came to the operation specially from Montenegro.

Everything went more than well. This operation has become a healing for me in every sense of the word. Both physically and mentally. Because my father in Russia died from surgical interventions, it was a hell of a year long…

And now, having shoveled all the information owned by the whole world, I'm here. such a wild contrast: a European hospital, blue (not white coats), individual approach, smiles and consultation_presentation of my particular operation at the coolest Dr. Flor (included in the top 10 in the world) clearly with slides, long psycho preparation .. By the way, in the corridors they constantly turn on the screen what they will do to you ..

First, rejection, then norms, already interesting, you already mentally live in your head and relax) Then the doctor's assistants and the doctor himself asked, for example, "is it possible to do an ultrasound scan?" or "can you put a catheter in a vein and inject a medication sleep?", (seriously? You surgeons ask me if you can touch my body? Should I cry? Who was treated in the Russian Federation will understand) warmth all over my body ..

After the operation, control by the doctor himself, his smile and approval, asking for feelings and sensations, shaking hands and congratulations! I wanted to cry with gratitude for such professionalism and attitude. 20 minutes after the operation, I was running, but I wanted to fly) so this happens to be a "cultural" shock that removes the past injury)) This is not a joke, 20 minutes after a serious vein surgery I was already running around the city. It was prescribed even on the list, from 2 km. On the third day, already 13 km)

I will describe my feelings, thoughts, sensations, about Vienna, Matisse, Van Gogh, Monet and the Vienna Opera, if interested ?? We drove specifically for the doctor. Döbling has everything from urologists to obstetricians (childbirth) at the level of service of princes_ queens) Special thanks to Olga Englisch for translations and for support. This is a beautiful, chic, responsive, "clinic face"! She really supported and helped us!

Olga, Kazakhstan

My mother (born in 1952) was initially diagnosed with severe right hip and knee osteoarthritis back in 2008. She first was prescribed different pills, injections but mainly used non-steroid pain killers. Only after several years to get the medical verdict that a joint (hip and knee) replacement is absolutely critical. Hip replacement surgery was done in May 2011 in a clinic in Almaty, Kazakhstan.

She had a hard time moving after the operation and the scar did not heal properly. After three months a big inflammation appeared on the scar and my mom had to go to the clinic for its removal.

After this scar cleaning, my mom started to feel severe pain not in the hip or non-operated knee, but in the muscles between hip and knee. She tried different therapies but the pain in the muscles was only growing. In October 2012 when my mom had severe intoxication, fever, and her leg below and above the knee was seriously swollen, I took her to a hospital in South Korea where she had a surgery to treat abscess and treat the inflammation. Her condition stabilised but after a few months she had a serious inflammation below the hip replacement scar.

In January 2013 I took her to Novosibirsk where a Russian doctor said that it was a post-surgery infection and the hip joint should be removed and a new one implanted after 6 months of inflammation treatment.

My mother and I were shocked and I mmediately started searching medical papers on hip replacement complications, infections, secondary hip replacement and used mainly medical journals and professional publications. I was lucky to came across Dr Winkler’s publications regarding treating infections of a total hip replacement in one stage using the newest methods. I was absolutely impressed and contacted him and the International Department of Private Clinic “Döbling” in Vienna, where he is practicing this unique method.

Having collected the money (initial costs was 50,000 Euro), received new passports we flew to Vienna 13 February 2013 to start preparation for the surgery next day.

Dr Winkler pointed out that the first post surgery X-ray done already showed infection around the original hip replacement and by the time of my mom’s arrival to Dobling, her pelvic bone (??) was completely depleted... Despite this was found out on Friday afternoon, Dr Winkler ordered necessary hip replacement parts and materials, and Saturday, February 14, 2013 the surgery started.

It ran over 8 hours... very long 8 hours....

After the surgery Dr Winker explaining how it went and that some unexpected things happened (during the surgery, the bone was so thin because of the infection that there was a fracture, that had to be fixed with a plate, but this new plate did not allow the originally ordered hip replacements to be placed, so new, lego type hip replacement was ordered and delivered immediately to fix hip replacement). Dr Winkler explained that the infection went into the bones, tissue and his new implants with grafts would fix the situation.

As the problem with knee was still to be handled, Dr Winkler recommended to do it in 2-3 months, especially with fracture to be healed.

Even online Dr Winkler has always responded to my queries and provided advice and commented my mom’s x-rays and blood tests. And it was not even a matter of consideration to do planned knee replacement anywhere else, only at Dobling by Dr Winkler!

He gave OK to schedule surgery for mid-June to do the knee replacement.

The surgery was planned for mid of June, so we were again in Vienna, again arriving a day before the surgery and again being extremely impressed with professionalism and friendliness of Dr Winkler and clinic staff.

This surgery went smoothly... my mom had self-blood infusion and started standing up and walking with the help of Dr Winkler and physiotherapists. We received detailed instructions how to live after these surgeries.

My last interaction with Dr Winkler was last October/November, when after seeing the recent x-ray, he confirmed that the hip and knee replacements are stable, fracture is healed, and he supported rehabilitation and physiotherapy and exercises.

My mom’s thigh and knee muscles were absolute deactivated because of pain and infection) and now she is walking some distances at home without a walking stick or a crunch!!!!! She has not taken pain killers for several months, and today she was able to raise her operated leg up!!!!!!

I am tremendously grateful to Dr Winkler and his team for this medical miracle!!!!! I am so appreciative for his talent, his innovation, his confidence-building, his care, his talented hands, professionalism and humanism!

As we say it in Russian, a deep bow to you Dr Winkler, for your excellent work for literally saving my mom’s life and returning her to almost normal lifestyle!!!

My special thank you to intensive therapy doctors – Monika and Anna (??) who took care of me when I fainted after the first surgery - was too emotionally and nervously exhausted to hear the good news....

Hester, Amsterdam

In the Netherlands, I was diagnosed with osteomyelitis, which was triggered by a postoperative infection. During a procedure called lavage, the shoulder joint was infected with Staphylococcus aureus bacteria. This procedure involves using a long needle to break up and remove calcium deposits that have formed in the inner tendons of the shoulder (calcific tendonitis).

First, I was treated in two different hospitals in the Netherlands, then I was referred for treatment to a third hospital - a hospital at the Medical University. By that time, my condition was deplorable. The bacteria almost destroyed my shoulder joint. The situation was so serious that I was asked to remove the head of the humerus, the upper arm. After removal, granules containing gentamicin must be injected into the joint to kill bacteria.

Such granules need to be changed several times, which implies repeated surgical intervention. In the Netherlands, this was the only treatment.

According to the Dutch surgeon, the likelihood that the infection can be cured with standard therapy is low. In any case, this method is a prerequisite for shoulder arthroplasty.

Due to the fact that my shoulder was significantly damaged due to the action of bacteria, the Dutch surgeon was not sure that the shoulder joint would withstand the installation of the endoprosthesis. In the worst case, my arm would have ceased to function forever. What if the bacteria gradually continued to infect my body, below the joint or above my neck and then my head?

Without a doubt, this prospect did not please me.

I decided to explore the possibilities of treatment abroad.

While searching for specialists in the field of osteomyelitis treatment, I went to the forum of German patients, where I received a recommendation to contact the osteomyelitis treatment center at the Doebling Private Hospital.

At the clinic, I met Dr. Heinz Winkler, who completely changed my life.

For treatment, Dr. Winkler uses a special material - osteomycin, which restores the shoulder joint. In this case, no endoprosthetics is required.

First, for several hours, he cleaned the shoulder joint. Then he expertly reshaped my joint. Osteomycin is able to provide antibacterial action for at least a week, which leads to the death of the remaining bacteria. Three days after the operation, a blood test did not reveal any infection, and a week later I was discharged from the hospital.

To be sure, I took oral antibiotics for several weeks after surgery. My companion and I stayed in Vienna and spent a week of vacation enjoying the beauty of this city. Since the operation, thanks to the help of Dr. Winkler, my shoulder joint is fully functional. I believe that Dr. Winkler is an excellent surgeon with innovative techniques.

. All procedures were carried out quickly and efficiently. Including I was provided with full information about them. The scar is barely visible, and most importantly, the joint's mobility is much better than Dr. Winkler promised.

I am happy that I turned to Dr. Winkler.

Evelin, Austria

In May 2015, I suffered a periprosthetic fracture as a result of a fall. In this connection, my hip prosthesis was replaced. A long shaft prosthesis was inserted and secured with two screws. I spent 6 weeks in bed and in a wheelchair, since I could not put weight on my leg. In mid-August, the wound turned red, the pain in the wound became stronger, and a fistula appeared. During subsequent control, the fistula was opened and the bloody secretion was removed.

I was admitted to the hospital, and intravenous antibiotic therapy was carried out for 14 days, as it was found that during the operation, unfortunately, a multi-resistant bacterium got into my wound.

On June 7th, my heart valve was replaced and after that I was sent to a rehabilitation clinic. After 2 weeks, I had to suspend rehabilitation, as my thigh became red and swollen, and the pains became almost unbearable.

On September 13, 2016, I developed a high fever and pus began to flow from the wound. I was admitted to hospital, the wound was cut open, treated, and a vacuum pump was installed. After 7 weeks the vacuum pump was removed, I was transferred to antibiotics and then discharged.

When I was discharged, the doctors informed me that I had two options.

  • The implant will be removed, with an open wound I will need to stay in bed for 6 weeks, then it will be reinserted. However, due to my age and the installed heart valve, I was advised against this option.
  • The wound remains open for the rest of my life, and every second day I have to do a new dressing.

As a "consolation" I was told that not a single patient with such a bacterium has lived long. Through cardiac surgeons, I learned that there is a specialist in Austria named Dr. Heinz Winkler who can heal microbial wounds in just one operation. Already at the first consultation, I was delighted with him.

On February 9, 2017, my time finally came and Dr. Winkler operated on me for 4 hours. The operation went very well, there were no more pains, except from the surgery itself, and already on March 1, 2017, I was able to leave the hospital on crutches and I still do not feel pain.

I again found the courage to live, sometimes I can move without crutches, my blood counts are normal, and this is only thanks to Dr. Winkler. Without Dr. Winkler I would no longer be alive and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for the human treatment before and after the operation and for the successful completion of the surgery.

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